Dominoes: A Quick and Fun Table Game for All

Dominoes is a game that has been around for centuries. It’s easy to learn and fun to play a board game, perfect for all ages. In this article, I’ll go over the basic rules of Dominoes before explaining how players get points from each type of domino they lay down.

Basic Rules:

  1. The first player will start by placing one of their tiles face up on the table so it makes contact with at least one other tile placed on the table in any direction (it cannot touch another tile vertically).
  1. Players must then play one of the tiles in their hand to contact at least one other tile placed on the table (it cannot touch another tile vertically).
  1. If there are no more moves that either player can make, then whoever has fewer points earns an additional turn and continues to play as long as they have tiles left or until someone’s score reaches 100 points. Whoever wins gets a double-point bonus for every following game played.

Types of Dominoes:

There are two types of Dominoes – single dots and doubles dots.

  • Single dot dominoes only have one number on them, equivalent to the number of dots on the domino.
  • Doubles dots dominoes have two numbers on them, with the first number being equivalent to the sum of all symbols and the second digit representing how
  • Lay down one single dot with a value of zero, and you’ll get 100 points off your opponent’s score (if they don’t have any tiles left).
  • Lay down a double dot, for example, 111 – 222, where each digit corresponds to a different player, and that player will add up their respective points from their hand plus all the remaining tiles in play if possible.

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