Few Things That You Must Know about China Manufacturing

The factories in China can produce any type of goods in huge quantities and with acceptable quality. Today, every company wants to source their products from this country.

The Chinese government has also built a fantastic infrastructure in the country to help manufacturing enterprises do profitable global business.

However, dealing with any Chinese manufacturing company can be quite difficult for businessmen from Western countries, as the language and culture of this region are very different. Only a handful of people can communicate in the English language effectively.

It is here you can take help from China manufacturing agents and overcome this important barrier while dealing with any Chinese manufacturing company.

China manufacturing agents can not only smoothen the process of doing business in this country, but can also help in negotiating with your Chinese supplier and also ensure the quality and delivery of the products.

A few pros and cons of China manufacturing

While doing any business with any Chinese manufacturer, you must be well aware of a few pros and cons of doing business with them. It is very important for you to choose the right supplier, where China manufacturing agents can prove to be extremely beneficial.


  1. Lower production costs

One of the most important reasons for going to China for sourcing is the cost advantage. Due to the availability of cheaper labour, the production cost in China is too low as compared to advanced countries.

  1. Market expansion

China has created a huge capacity and also the country has got abundant manpower. Hence, if any business wants to increase its manufacturing capacity, then Chinese companies can quickly expand their facility.

  1. High output available in less time

If you are interested in mass production then tying up with any Chinese manufacturers will be the best idea. As already mentioned above, they have got a huge amount of surplus production capacity as a result, you can get higher output at a lesser time.

  1. Many suppliers to choose from

If you try to look at the online product directory then you can come across several companies manufacturing the same products.

In case, any one company fails to deliver on time then you have several other alternate companies.


  1. Difficulty in communication

This is one of the biggest problems while dealing with any Chinese companies. Besides, due to cultural differences, there is always a communication gap or misunderstanding that may occur.

  1. Quality control

Due to misunderstanding, often there can be quality issues that may crop up from time to time. You need to hire a third-party company in China to ensure product quality.

  1. Intellectual property infringement

China is notoriously reputed as a country where infringement of intellectual property is a norm. Therefore, it is essential that you must be extra careful while dealing with Chinese companies so that you may not become the next victim.

  1. High MOQ

Chinese companies often demand orders for higher minimum quantity to maintain their profit margin. For a small buyer, this can be an issue.

  1. Bad reputation of ‘Made in China’ products

Although Chinese products are sold in almost every part of the world but a few years back ‘Made in China’ products were known for poor quality.

Although China has improved in this aspect, however, the stigma still lies on any product that bears a ‘Made in China’ marking.


As you can see most businesses want to exploit the advantages of Chinese manufacturers, but one must be aware of a few disadvantages too. If you have any China manufacturing agents available with you then you can take care of these disadvantages to a certain extent.

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