Personal Fitness – It’s a lot more than being in good fitness

Most people want to be fit. We all aspire to be in shape enough to say “yes” more often to participate in these things that can add quality to our lives. But be fit is more than physical condition. Emotional fitness, spiritual physics and mental health can not be ignored.

Nobody denies the importance of fitness. And you are never too old to exercise. It is more than 2000 years that Cicero (106-43 before our era) presumed that we “take a moderate exercise”, and since then we have gympous, jogging, market, rowing, venerated to the sanctuary of physical beauty, And jumped on the latest fitness train. And in life later, we listened to Ben Franklin’s advice about going up early and getting up early.

Just like the ancient Greek society value physical perfection, we learned to appreciate the many advantages of fitness.

As people seek ways to improve the quality of their lives, the importance of emotional health has become increasingly clear.

Abraham Lincoln made the observation: “The face you have at thirty-five years is the one you were born with; After thirty-five, he is the face you did. Since then, there has been increased awareness of conserving emotional energy by keeping your coolness. The research tells us that emotional stress accelerates the aging of and that we must avoid at all costs involved in toxic relations. We need to make sure that the energy we supply or contribute to a relationship is positive.

Take the time to connect to one of the deepest values ​​can be enriching too. And there is an assortment of techniques to help prayer, meditation, newspaper writing, service to others, walking in the mountains, looking at a sunset. The best way is likely to be the one that helps a person to locate and understand his source of energy.

In 1980, Harvard Charles Alexander’s psychologist taught the eighty-year-old residents of three-year-old residents of three age care homes in Boston. Residents have chosen either a relaxation technique or meditation, or a set of word games designed to sharpen mental skills. Follow-up tests have shown that mediators demonstrated improved learning ability, reduction of blood pressure, and have improved mental health. When he returned to care homes of the age of three later, Alexander found his great surprise that, even if a third of the residents were dead, among the mediators the mortality rate was zero.

Mental health help-off service Some of the negative effects associated with aging. But the preservation of the mental form is an essential feature of a high quality lifestyle for all ages.

One of the most fascinating aspects of mental acuity is that there is no moment when our brain does not work for us. Even when we are engaged in an activity apparently without spirit like jogging, singing in the shower, or weed the garden, the solution to a thorny problem can present itself. Even problem-solving tips for “sleeping on that” can be useful; Subconscious often finds a solution.

It is important for us to realize that the sustained mental ability requires rejuvenation. And this usually occurs during periods of free time or out of time. And research shows that, thanks to contemplative practices (such as meditation, for example), brain cells are rejuvenated.

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